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Strategic Financial / Capital Advisory



  • At BanConsult FZE, we understand our client’s long term objectives. We critically examine and analyse the financing structures in order to streamline the same to support business growth.


  • As businesses grow, capital structures that are put in place along the way are rarely re-examined as time progresses. The robustness and transparency of a capital or corporate structure frequently becomes important when the owners are attempting to take this business to the next level through either organic or exponential growth.


  • Complex financing structures and unstructured banking facilities can scuttle instead of facilitating business growth, while inefficient financing arrangements can adversely impact the bottom line as well as lead to increased costs to avail such financing. It has led to identifying and most importantly mitigating potential financial and operating risks, resulting in substantial savings as well as prevention of potential losses.


  • BanConsult’s strategic advisors help companies to improve their performance through analysis of existing business problems and development of future plans.


  • This process involves the identification and cross-fertilization of best practices, analytical techniques, change management and strategy development and provide the advantages of an outsider’s perspective.


  • BanConsult’s team of advisors bring formal frameworks or methodologies to identify problems or suggest more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks.


  • Our advisors work very closely with the owner/CEO and the senior management to draw up a practical framework and more importantly, assist in implementing the change. Our unique approach has helped companies bring about material change in their business in terms of the financial structures and operating processes.


  • Our knowledge of banking, trade structures and financing structures enable us to provide clear solutions that support and lend strength to the client’s long-term goals.


  • We provide expert financial advice to owners, promoters and CEO’s of companies to ensure that the finance function is geared up and fully supports the growth of the company.


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