Strategic Financial Advisory Re-defined !!
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Debt/Structured Finance


  • Assist in preparation of information memorandum and other documentation for potential lenders.


  • Organizing meetings with appropriate lenders.


  • Advice on structuring banking facilities based on detailed examination of borrower’s terms of trade and supplies.


  • Help in negotiation of banking facilities, appropriate terms, covenants, and security for each entity.


  • Concluding financing arrangements on behalf of clients and obtaining firm facility approvals.




  • Preparing the financial and valuation model(s)


  • Preparing teasers and Information Memorandum for potential investors.


  • Setting up and conducting meetings with potential investors.


  • Negotiating with potential investors to ensure that the client obtains an appropriate valuation, investment terms and final pricing.


  • Active involvement during investor due diligence.


  • Concluding financing arrangements on behalf of clients and help in obtaining binding terms sheets.


Financial and Strategic Advisory


  • Comprehensive review and analysis of the financial and capital structure of the company including but not limited to analysis of historical financial statements to rationalize and if necessary, recasting the same and recommend appropriate measures and structures to support the projected business growth.


  • Review the corporate structure and operational processes and recommend steps to optimise the same so as support business growth.


  • Comprehensive review and analysis of the existing business plan.


  • Identifying underlying financial risks in the business such as foreign exchange currency risks, interest rate risks (in case of floating rate structures), liquidity risks , etc., and recommend strategies to mitigate and manage such inherent business risks.


  • Maintaining an oversight of group finances including periodic review of the financial performance.


  • Providing advisory on the suitability of new business/investment proposals for in terms primary / secondary equity investment/divestment, exit strategies and valuations and other similar structures in the M&A space.

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